Music Ministry

Adult Choir

There's nothing like seeing someone sing about something they feel so strongly about.  The sound of praise and worship, Amazing Grace and the Adult Choir ushers us into God's presence each worship time allowing us to praise our Father in Heaven as a Church body.  We invite you to use your voice and musical talent in service to God.  You will find the Choir Practice times on the current schedule. 

Special Music

The diversity of our Church's talent is amazing!  We are blessed with those who share their talents to honor God by beautiful piano medleys, beautiful singing of songs with wonderful messages, playing various musical instruments, guitars and banjo's, as well as various groups who sing or play together.  Please consider sharing in special music.


5th Sunday Singing

We strive to have guest singers on each 5th Sunday during evening worship.  It is such an uplifting time of worship and praise that recharges us for our service and work for our Lord. 


  April 2020  
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