Sunday School

 Sunday School Isn't Just for Children! 


In Small Groups

  • We hear about what the Bible says about certain topics
  • Learn from people in the Bible, as we study their lives
  • Have an atmosphere comfortable to ask questions and discuss 


At Aberdeen Baptist Church

  • You will find a class, who welcomes you
  • On your journey to a  better relationship to God
  • Small children will enjoy loving teachers that really want to be there
  • Teachers investing in children's lives and pointing them to Christ
  • Older children and Youth will find energetic teachers
  • Teachers who "think outside the box" with their teaching methods
  • Giving the students a fun, creative way to learn about God and His Word
  • Many classes use incentives to get the students excited about learning



  • Choose from classes of all women, men, college and career classes or mixed classes  
  • There is a variety of classes and teaching styles to meet your learning needs
  • Sunday School materials include topical lessons and studying books of the Bible
  • Books are available for you to prepare at home for more in depth study if you wish.

No Matter Where You are in Your Relationship to God

  • Whether you just have some questions, about who God is
  • If you've known God for many years and continue learning from the Bible


Then we invite you to join us

  • Strive to become closer to God
  • Understand how He wants us to live
  • How He wants us to treat others        

    Take the first step and visit a Sunday School class this Sunday!



  April 2020  
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