Women on Mission


​Women on Mission

  • Educating others on the need of missions
  • Supporting Missions Education through RA's, GA's & MF's
  • Encouraging with a card ministry to members
  • Promoting World Hunger Awareness with Rice Bowl Offerings
  • Participating in Women's National Day of Prayer
  • Thanksgiving outreach projects
  • Promoting Week of Prayer for International Missions
  • Teaching about and supporting Lottie Moon Christmas Offering
  • Participating in Christmas outreach projects


  • Provide International Missions Study for Church
  • Arrange Mission Fellowship Meals throughout year
  • Present Focus Program reporting to Church on the year's ministries
  • Support and educate concerning the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
  • Participate in Week of Prayer for North American Missions
  • Guide in the Week of Prayer for State Missions
  • Encourage participation in the State Missions Offering
  • Provide meetings with mission emphasis to encourage growth and outreach

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  April 2020  
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